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el gordo navidad

el gordo logo finalWith the El Gordo de Navidad draws only taking place once a year, the prize pool on offer by the game more than makes up for the extended wait players and fans of the game are forced to endure. Arguably the most famous lottery game in the world, the El Gordo lotto gets drawn every December on the 22nd day. Besides the amazing jackpot prizes on offer to the game’s players, not many players from outside Spain are fully aware of what it is that sets this lotto game apart from the rest of the international lotteries, or why global players choose to consistently enter this game. While many may have heard about the game somewhere along the line, most simply do not understand the grand allure and uniqueness of the El Gordo lotto. So, in a bid to better-inform potential players, here are some essential facts you either need to know about the game, or facts that you’ve never been aware of:

  • Rather than traditional lotto games where it’s customary for players to select their own combination of what they deem to be lucky numbers, the El Gordo tickets come with the numbers pre-printed on them.
  • The game was designed to award as many prizes as possible to its players – it’s not uncommon for entire extended families to all club together to purchase their tickets, and there have been reports of entire villages becoming instantly wealthy thanks to all the villagers clubbing together to purchase a full ticket, also known as a ‘billete’.
  • The El Gordo de Navidad was originally started out as a fundraising effort for Spanish orphans, with the very first draw being held all the way back in 1812! This could very well make the El Gordo officially the oldest lotto game still being played to this day!
  • Thanks to its very unique and unduplicated prize structure, the El Gordo lotto game can create up to 390 brand-new millionaires in a single draw – it is possible to win up to seven times on a single ticket!
  • It’s one of the most-publicized lotto draws in the world: Spanish television and radio channels are all tuned into the live draw, which is quite an elaborate affair. The entire ceremony can last as long as three straight hours without any breaks, with the subsequent celebrations lasting throughout the night.

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